OzVsThem is a daily roundup of digital media and technology news from Australia "Oz" and around the world "Them". They curate stories, data and videos that explore the day’s digital media agenda in a free, daily email.

  • The brief:
    Create a smart, down-to-earth and proudly Australian visual identity to appeal to the target market - Australian media execs. Design the mobile-first email layout and drive signups through social media and marketing pages.

Marketing page sign-up

Landing page with personality, encapsulated the brand values and straight-talking Aussie ethos.

Responsive MailChimp email layout

It was important that the email was engaging and stood out from the crowd, easy to update, whilst performing and degrading neatly across the various email clients. I designed a bespoke layout which we sent to Mailbakery to create the Mailchimp template. The layout took some testing and iterating to get right cross-platform.

Pre-launch teaser signup

I had fun sourcing unashamedly Aussie images!