UX and dashboard design for recruitment agency

Dashboard design

Project Info:

UX and UI design
Client: Recruitment Revolution

Recruitment Revolution are a recruitment firm with an innovative client dashboard. The product had grown organically over time and was in need of a restructure and a design refresh. We created personas for key users to measure design decisions against, took the product back to paper and redesigned the UX from scratch.

Target audience: RR's client base is varied - from large supermarket chains who recruit in bulk to small startups who recruit for single vacancies.

Design objectives: Make it easier and more intuitive for clients to post a job vacancy and to manage the recruitment process.

Complex layouts

Application tables were complex with multiple feedback states and inputs. We took on-board feedback from users and created new features to simplify managing candidate applications across various states.

Logo, branding, UI design

Activity feed & action required by you

Feedback from users suggested the need for a single overview of all activities. We developed an activity feed and Facebook-style notifications, allowing users to get a quick overview of activity on vacancies. We also highlighted 'action required by you' showing to-dos, new candidates, message responses and interview schedule.

Logo, branding, UI design

Keeping track of candidates

The system allows clients to share vacancies between colleagues. The previous iteration made it difficult to get an overview of where everyone was in the process. To improve this, we visualised colleague feedback on candidates, allowing custom progress notes and the status of each candidate to be visible on a single screen.

Logo, branding, UI design


In the previous version of the product there was no clear direction following signup. We implemented a stepped on-boarding process to guide users through placing their first vacancy.

Logo, branding, UI design