Recruitment Revolution are a recruitment firm with an innovative client dashboard. The product had grown organically over time and was in need of a restructure and a design refresh. We created personas to measure design decisions against, took the product back to paper and redesigned the UX from scratch.

  • Target audience:
    RR's client base is varied - from large supermarket chains who recruit in bulk to small startups who recruit for single vacancies.
  • Design objectives:
    Make it easier and more intuitive for clients to post a job vacancy and to manage the recruitment process within their team or organisation.

3. Analysing existing user journeys

Google Analytics showed healthy signup traffic from various sources. After signing up however, users hit the dashboard screen where the majority bounced. The existing dashboard was cluttered and allowed users to click through menus and see screens before they had placed a vacancy which was clearly confusing.

4. On-boarding

To stem this initial confusion we implemented a stepped on-boarding process to guide users through placing their first vacancy. When their vacancy had been submitted they were then directed to the dashboard where they could manage the recruitment process.

7. Managing vacancies - complex layout

Application tables were complex with multiple feedback states and inputs. We took on-board feedback from users and created new features to simplify managing candidate applications across various states. This included inline editing and actions triggered from within tables views.