Cityloque is a startup, building a localised online magazine where users can submit short stories and reviews.

  • The brief:
    Create a brand identity to appeal to the target audience - Londoners with an interest in fashion, food and design. Apply this to a site layout which allows users to view and post articles.

Getting the grid right

After defining user personas and drawing out a site structure, the challenge with this project was the grid. The interface was image-driven and worked on a grid of photos which expanded into posts. The grid needed to scale responsively and accommodate larger sponsored posts. This took a few attempts, a lot of pixel calculations and some thinking through!

Brand identity

The client had a clear idea of the product identity from the start. We used a classic red/black/white palette, kept fonts simple and allowed the photos of be the star.

Home screen

Grid and expanded articles layout.

Signup screen

Mobile view