Identity and UI design for a fashion social network. The site allows users to share photos of their favourite looks with followers, create event pages and curate a personal wardrobe tracker.

  • Target audience:
    City-living, social, 20-30 year-old women with a keen interest in fashion.
  • Design objectives:
    Mobile first; users would typically sign-up and upload photographs from a mobile device, on the go. The layout also needed to subtly accommodate seeded posts, PPC advertising and affiliate links.

1. Defining user personas

As a new product with no existing users we created personas based on the ideal users we wanted the site to attract. These assumptions can be proved wrong so I always stress that product owners need to be willing to pivot and change course after testing their MVP. However, it's important to design with a user in mind, otherwise design decisions fall back to personal preference which are often far removed from the actual user!

2. Thinking through the user journey

Logic needed to be applied to enable user privacy. We carefully thought through which permission settings to offer users and the different levels of privacy that users may require.

Marketing page sign-up

This page needed to be fresh and fun to appeal to the target market, selecting the right imagery was key.

Profile page

Users can create event pages and invite friends to share their looks. User photo uploads are saved in their style portfolio.

Event page: responsive layout