Logo and brand scheme for tech startup

Logo, branding

Project Info:

Logo & brand style
Client: GorillaStack

GorillaStack is a Sydney based startup working on tools to help businesses manage their cloud infrastructure. They wanted a smart, approachable identity with a playful edge.

Target audience: Dev Ops and business owners (CIOs, CTOs, finance directors). Business to business.

We did a lot of monkeying around before deciding on a logo mark (not all of it pretty!)

Logo mark ideas

Gibson bold was a perfect fit for the wordmark - robust and punchy with good on-screen legibility.

There are a number of existing 'Gorilla' brands with a yellow/black palette. To differentiate we went with a blue/green/red theme. The logo mark is quite playful, the blue gives it the impact it needs without looking too whimsical.

BLUE: #34495E


RED: #FA5B59

Stacked bananas form an additional mark and potentially a hamburger menu

Responsive UI design

The team kindly shared some pics of my handiwork in action!

Logo, branding, UI design