Earnaway is a vertical of cashback site Quidco, rewarding customers with cashback on hotel bookings. They approached me for a logo, brand identity, UX wireframes and responsive interface design.

  • Design objectives:
    Demonstrate credibility and trustworthiness, encourage signup as part of the user journey, ease of use across desktop and mobile.

1. Defining user personas

Quidco had some existing user research on their market segments and we used this to profile three key user types:

  • Savvy Spenders - male bias, middle aged, married. Sensible with money;
  • Dynamic Dealhunters; 20s, no children, single, lower incomes;
  • Close to Cashback; male, affluent, working full time, uses deal and cashback sites.

2. Thinking through the user journey

It was essential that cashback was logged when the user clicked through to the travel agent site and made their booking. We also wanted signup to become an integrated part of the hotel booking process so user details were captured. After signup an on-boarding process followed.

3. Conveying the idea of cashback on the home screen

Cashback is not a concept that all users will be familiar with and we looked for simple ways to get the concept across without overloading the user with information.

4. Hotel search results

I did a roundup of existing travel sites and we looked for successful design patterns and lockups. This was the most difficult screen to get right; there is a lot of information to display, we needed to get the cashback proposition across effectively and page load was a real consideration.

View results on a map. Users can click map pointers and hotel details appear underneath.

Hotel search results: Mobile layout

5. User account

I endeavoured to keep the user's account page layouts and feedback screens clear and simple. Reminding users of previous searches helped draw them back to booking.