I've led design on systems teams and helped large organisations get onboard with digital accessibility.

NewsKit design system

As lead designer on NewsKit, I helped build the multi-brand design system that feeds media and broadcast brands across News Corp. Brands include The Times, The Sun and The Wall Street Journal.

NewsKit case study

The Newskit logo

How to create accessible design system components

Guest blog post for Supernova. I wrote about researching and writing technical specifications for design system components, with accessibility at the forefront.

Supernova blog  

An illustration from the Supernova blog, showing the ARIA roles in a breadcrumb component.

Lloyds Bank design system

I was the lead designer on the Constellation Design System at Lloyds, the UK’s largest retail bank. Here's how we took a product from small beginnings through to a multi-brand, multi-platform design system with an engaged community.

Constellation case study

5 things I learned building Constellation
Paper print outs of components from a Lloyds website


I’m a keen accessibility advocate, striving to make the web a more inclusive place for everyone. I've learned:

How to scale accessibility with a design system

How to write an accessibility statement
Website form components

Design club

I've run weekly design thinking workshops at a London secondary school. Read how I've worked with teams of 13 year-old girls to design an app.

Design Club case study
Photo of a student at a desk working on an app design

WCAG for designers

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are a complex read. I've put together a checklist for designers.

WCAG design checklist

WCAG POUR cards (PDF, 758kb)
Graphic showing a colour contrast analyser

Form design

Designing for banks and fintechs taught me a lot about forms. Here's a repo of the research insights and guidance I've accumulated. It's an ongoing work in progress.

Forms best practice
Photograph showing a woman using a form on a mobile phone, outside at a cafe table.

Halifax digital rebrand

I worked on the digital rebrand of Halifax. As the UI lead in the design systems team, I helped take the visual identity and make it work for digital. Here's what my awesome team made happen.

Halifax digital rebrand
Accessible form components on a screen

Design for startups

I've freelanced for a lot of small startups, often as creative side projects alongside my main gig. Here are some of my favourite UI layouts. Some are kind of old and dated but I've kept them here for nostalgia. Excuse the contrast fails of my youth.

UI design projects
Photo of a man looking at an email on a phone screen